This Week at the Movies (Jun. 12, 2020)

Here are some reviews of films coming out at the theater this week as well as others that may be in theaters or newly on home video.

Opening: Jun. 12, 2020

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2020 Films In Theaters Now In Select Areas

The Call of the Wild

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The High Note

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The Vast of Night

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Nell Minow @

  • Excerpt: The biggest risk in fighting climate change is an overwhelming sense of helplessness. “2040” points a practical, achievable path toward solutions, but its most important contribution is a sense that change is possible.


Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews

  • Excerpt: …a glorious, sensual, compelling dive into a romantic relationship expressed with dance and gender fluidity…a stunningly original work of art, directed with the same awareness of movement by Yakin as evinced by his dancers.


Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum

  • Excerpt: As a violent home invasion thriller, it’s engaging, it’s intense, Lulu Wilson and Kevin James are both stellar, and it absolutely delivers for genre fans looking to have a gnarly good time.


Brent McKnight @ The Last Thing I See

  • Excerpt: Writing about movies feels trite right now, but this one is about an angsty tween absolutely eviscerating a gang of hateful Nazis, including one played by Kevin James, and that’s always welcome. Feel-good movie of the summer so far.

Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai

Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum

  • Excerpt: It is ultimately a minor addition to Anurag Kashyap’s filmography, but it’s still evocative, thoughtful, sly, and features a great lead performance from Saiyami Kher.

The Collini Case

Eddie Pasa @ DC Filmdom


Bavner Donaldo @ CINEJOUR [Indonesian]

Da 5 Bloods

Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews

  • Excerpt: : It’s hard to pin down in its early goings, often seeming almost parodic… but once Da 5 are reunited in the jungle, the film coalesces into something powerful.

End of Sentence

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Texan Review

The Half of It

Dennis Schwartz @ Dennis Schwartz Reviews

  • Excerpt: Well-conceived and superbly written quirky coming-of-age story.

The King of Staten Island

Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews

  • Excerpt: …it runs a bit long (and feels it), but Davidson effortlessly carries his character study nestled within a community portrait. This isn’t a laugh-a-minute comedy, instead a dramedy where tattoos both artful and inelegant draw the biggest guffaws.

The Lovebirds

Mark Hobin @ Fast Film Reviews

  • Excerpt: There aren’t enough laughs to justify sitting through this 87-minute movie. I know, that seems short….but it feels long.

Mr. Jones

Betty Jo Tucker @ ReelTalk Movie Reviews

  • Excerpt: MR. JONES may be hard to see, but check out this smart history. Challenging film? Oh yes indeed — probably one we need to heed.

The Postcard Killings

James Wegg @ JWR

  • Excerpt: The art in murders

Samurai Marathon

Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum

  • Excerpt: It’s a solid period film that features some engaging characters, a great score from Philip Glass, and some satisfyingly gruesome bloodshed.

Shoot to Marry

Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews

  • Excerpt: The film is often amusing, always interesting and admirable in showing women in a very wide spectrum of careers, but that unsettling issue of Markle’s approach, pitching his documentary as one ‘about women,’ while trying to find a mate, nags.

You Don’t Nomi

Rick Aragon @ Rick’s Texan Reviews

You Don’t Nomi

Brent McKnight @ The Last Thing I See

  • Excerpt: In the first ten minutes, people remark, “Showgirls is about two men, who maybe did a lot of cocaine, drunk with power in Hollywood,” “You can’t look away from Showgirls or you’ll miss something huge, like a car crash or a vomit,” and “A type of comedy I don’t think you can make on purpose.” Needless to say, ‘You Don’t Nomi’ is a damn fine time.

2019 Films


Kathy Gibson @ Access Bollywood

2018 Films

Brother of the Year

Bavner Donaldo @ CINEJOUR [Indonesian]

Out of My Head

Sarah Boslaugh @ TheArtsSTL

  • Excerpt: Having a variety of people, of different ages and genders and ethnicities and walks of life, describe their migraines is a great approach to the subject, because migraines, their triggers, and their symptoms are all so individual.

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