The Online Film Critics Society (OFCS) was founded in 1997 by Harvey Karten.

The OFCS began a partnership with Rotten Tomatoes in 2001 whereby the organization’s website would be hosted by Rotten Tomatoes and the OFCS forums would be a subsection of their own. After Flixster purchased Rotten Tomatoes, the long-standing relationship came to an end in 2011 even though they would continue to host our member forums for a few years.

The OFCS moved to Blogger in 2009. Blogger did not provide the OFCS with the customization options needed to service their membership and a new website was established in 2011.

Governing Committee

Historical records for who has served on the Governing Committee (GC) are incomplete. Below is the information we have available.

2020-2021 – João Flores (Resigned), Kamal Larsuel, Wesley Lovell, Nuno Reis
2019-2020 – Bavner Donaldo, Wesley Lovell, Nuno Reis
2018-2019 – Bavner Donaldo, Nguyen Le, Wesley Lovell
2017-2018 – Jon Espino, Blake Howard, Dewey Singleton
2016-2017 – Rob Daniel, Phil Hall (Resigned), Kristen Lopez, Pablo Villaca, Chase Whale (Resigned)
2015-2016 – John Hanlon, Wesley Lovell, Cole Smithey
2014-2015 – Robert Humanick, Wesley Lovell, Cole Smithey
2013-2014 – Robert Humanick, Wesley Lovell, Cole Smithey
2012-2013 – Wesley Lovell, Kevin Ranson, Cole Smithey
2011-2012 – Bill Gibron, Wesley Lovell, Pablo Villaca
2010-2011 – Eric D. Snider, Phil Hall, David Cornelius
2009-2010 – MaryAnn Johanson, Eric D. Snider, Scott Weinberg
2008-2009 – Phil Hall, unknown
2007-2008 – Phil Hall, unknown
2006-2007 – Phil Hall, Wesley Lovell, Rory Aronsky
2005-2006 – Phil Hall, unknown
2004-2005 – Phil Hall, unknown
2003-2004 – Phil Hall, unknown
2002-2003 – Phil Hall, unknown
2001-2002 – unknown
2000-2001 – unknown
1999-2000 – unknown
1998-1999 – unknown
1997-1998 – unknown

Notable GC facts:
Wesley Lovell became the first gay man ever to serve on the Governing Committee in 2006.
MaryAnn Johansson became the first woman ever to serve on the Governing Committee in 2009.
Pablo Villaça became the first international member to serve on the Governing Committee in 2011.
Kamal Larsuel became the first Black woman ever to serve on the Governing Committee in 2020.

Phil Hall & Wesley Lovell have currently served more terms on the Governing Committee than any other individuals, having served nine total terms each.

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