This Week at the Movies (Aug. 14, 2020)

Here are some reviews of films coming out at the theater this week as well as others that may be in theaters or newly on home video.

Opening: Aug. 14, 2020

Limited (United States)


Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews

  • Excerpt: “Alien” is surely an influence, but this is no mere copycat.

Mike McGranaghan @ The Aisle Seat

  • Excerpt: Director Egor Abramenko delivers all the suspense you’d expect, along with a welcome focus on character, leading to one of the most nerve-rattling genre films I’ve seen in years.

Brent McKnight @ The Last Thing I See

  • Excerpt: A creeping dread creature feature and tale of institutional bureaucratic terror that regularly, and in clever fashion, pulls the rug out from under the viewer. All with unsettling monster effects peppered throughout.

Andrew Wyatt @ The Lens

2020 Films In Theaters Now In Select Areas

First Cow

For member reviews of this film, follow this link

She Dies Tomorrow

For member reviews of this film, follow this link


For member reviews of this film, follow this link

#UNFIT: The Psychology of Donald Trump

James Wegg @ JWR

  • Excerpt: “We have a duty to warn”

An American Pickle

Mark Hobin @ Fast Film Reviews

  • Excerpt: Seth Rogen’s ability to play two different people is indeed convincing but the rest of this account isn’t very interesting or funny.


James Wegg @ JWR

  • Excerpt: “Sometimes, we’ve all just gotta jump”!

Black Is King

Josh Taylor @

  • Excerpt: As a middle-aged white guy, I’m certainly no expert on the myriad references to African culture contained within Black is King, but I know they’re there, and Beyoncé frames them in such a way that makes me thirsty to know more. Chief among my interests is the film’s ties to Afrofuturism.

Boys State

Andrea Chase @

  • Excerpt: It finds in this purely ceremonial exercise a stark portrait of a deeply divided country at a crossroads, and in its protagonists’ struggles, a charged journey full of suspense, disappointment, and joy.

Boys State

Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews

  • Excerpt: riveting…a microcosm of the state of our divided nation as displayed by seventeen year-old boys, predominantly white and conservative, who are at turns impressive, infuriating, silly, mean-spirited, compassionate and frequently surprising.


Mike McGranaghan @ The Aisle Seat

  • Excerpt: Endless is not a particularly good movie, but it does offer more evidence to back up my belief that Alexandra Shipp has what it takes to be a major star.

Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Story of Ren & Stimpy

Mike McGranaghan @ The Aisle Seat

  • Excerpt: Happy Happy Joy Joy really delves into the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it takes to create a show that breaks all the rules.

Hong Kong Moments

Richard Gray @ The Reel Bits

  • Excerpt: Writer and documentarian Zhou Bing follows seven Hongkongers in this timely and important snapshot of a critical moment in the history of Hong Kong.


James Jay Edwards @ The Big Smoke America

I Used To Go Here

Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum

  • Excerpt: As much as the film wears itself out too thin, it’s one I still enjoyed watching, and found a lot to admire in. Gillian Jacobs’ performance is especially terrific.

The Killing of Two Lovers

Richard Gray @ The Reel Bits

  • Excerpt: An intimate and often tense portrait of a family in trouble.

La Llorona

Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum

  • Excerpt: Strong performances and a haunting atmosphere work in sync with Jayro Bustamante’s efforts in modernizing the folklore. It might not satisfy every horror fan because of its restrained nature, but it has a lot to say.

Made in Italy

Mark Hobin @ Fast Film Reviews

  • Excerpt: I enjoyed the landscapes.


Richard Gray @ The Reel Bits

  • Excerpt: The highly-anticipated sequel to zombie Train to Busan delivers the goods, even if the tone and pace are completely different to its predecessor.

Project Power

Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews

  • Excerpt: …the mythology is muddled and presented with murkily edited, dark imagery. What it does have is a breakthrough performance from Domique Fishback…On the whole there’s a little too much going on in “Project Power” which leaves the vast conspiracy that drives it without enough oxygen.


MaryAnn Johanson @

  • Excerpt: Rosamund Pike is perfection in this intellectual romance, an unsentimental portrait of a woman striving to be appreciated for her mind at a time even more anti-woman than today. Feminist and flinty.

The Secret Garden

MaryAnn Johanson @

  • Excerpt: Pointless adaptation of the beloved children’s novel soaked in a gothic spookiness that seems to deliberately misunderstand the story. Neither literal enough nor magical enough. My heart was unmoved.

The Secret: Dare to Dream

MaryAnn Johanson @

  • Excerpt: Nice Guy garbage man Josh Lucas negs sad sack Katie Holmes. Based on the pernicious self-help philosophy that insists that everything wrong with your life is your fault. You know: feel-good romance!


Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum

  • Excerpt: Though the film occasionally stumbles in trying to make a point, its an energetic and entertaining ride. Joe Keery delivers a starmaking performance that allows him to showcase the kind of range he never had the chance to explore before.

Suk Suk

Richard Gray @ The Reel Bits

  • Excerpt: An important bit of commentary that explores both ageism and homophobia in Hong Kong via some solid central performances.

Uncle Peckerhead

James Jay Edwards @ The Big Smoke America

Waiting for the Barbarians

Sarah Boslaugh @ TheArtsSTL

  • Excerpt: The lack of specificity serves the film’s key argument, that colonialism itself is corrupting, independent of any details about how it is executed in this or that location or time period.

Work It

Betty Jo Tucker @ ReelTalk Movie Reviews

  • Excerpt: WORK IT boasts a passion for dance plus a touch of teenage romance. It ends up as a fun dance flick; great dancing here the winning trick.

Ze Pedro Rock’n’roll

Paulo Portugal @ [Portuguese]

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