Reviews: The Wretched (2020)

Here are review links for this film submitted by our members:

  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: frustratingly flawed, the brothers haphazard in establishing both their characters and spatial integrity… any good will is wasted in an overblown climax full of stupid decisions, unlikely coincidences and muddled mythology.
  • Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum
    • Excerpt: It’s not necessarily rife with subtext or compelling theming, but it’s a really fun horror film that boasts charming characters, great gore effects, and a killer instinct in crafting crowd pleasing moments.
  • James Jay Edwards @ The Big Smoke America
  • [New] | Mark Hobin @ Fast Film Reviews
    • Excerpt: A decent amalgamation of scary movies and journey into adolescence.
  • Brent McKnight @ The Last Thing I See
    • Excerpt: Don’t you hate it when an ancient witch moves in next door, possesses your neighbor, starts stealing children, and no one believes you because they think you’re acting out due to your parents’ messy divorce?
  • Ron Wilkinson @
    • Excerpt: An accessible teen horror flick feeling for the right path but passing up opps to nail the genre.