Reviews: The Twentieth Century (2020)

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  • [New] | Kyle Anderson @
  • Andrea Chase @
    • Excerpt: This rapturously surreal romp through fascism, propaganda, and the perils of love delights in its arch embrace of retro-futuristic artifice and vintage melodrama .
  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: …what happens in Winnipeg doesn’t stay in Winnipeg, here depicted…as a red light district of fetishism where King indulges his used boot fetish by buying one of Ruby’s to huff back at home as his oversized cactus ejaculates.
  • Herman Dhaliwal @ Cinema Sanctum
    • Excerpt: While not the most emotionally fulfilling movie, it is by no means a boring one. I was consistently enamored by its commitment to the style, and the imagination that went into composing such striking imagery.
  • Charlie Juhl @ Citizen Charlie
    • Excerpt: A fever dream of German Expressionism propelling forth Canadian political chicanery. For the adventurous cinephile, this may be the most fun you have all year.
  • Mike McGranaghan @ The Aisle Seat
    • Excerpt: Gloriously weird.
  • Jared Mobarak @
    • Excerpt: Rankin is upping the “Canadian-ness” of the piece with each aspect of his production, placing what’s already a very niche topic into very singular packaging.
  • Andrew Wyatt @ The Lens