Reviews: The Boys in the Band (2020)

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  • RIch Cline @ Shadows on the Wall
    • Excerpt: Much of what is said is downright cruel, but this is a rare script that confronts enormous issues without flinching
  • [New] | Bavner Donaldo @ Cinejour [Indonesian]
  • Glenn Dunks @ Flicks
    • Excerpt: …the play’s controversial take on homosexual self-loathing doesn’t feel fresh or enlightening. There is no reflection; no revision. It is as if 50 years have gone by without a single original thought about how to tell this story beyond including flashes of penis.
  • Jeremy Kibler @ The Artful Critic
    • Excerpt: Frank, moving, bitterly funny, entertaining, and filled with impassioned performances.
  • Luiz Santiago @ Plano Crítico [Portuguese]
  • Amir Siregar @ Amir at the Movies [Indonesian]
    • Excerpt: With its good direction, the sharp script, and strong cast, ‘The Boys in the Band’ is brilliant, complex, touching and, let’s not forget, current.
  • Josh Taylor @ The Forgetful Film Critic
    • Excerpt: There’s no doubt the chemistry that these men built together on stage, night after night, gives The Boys in the Band such an authentic, lived-in feel. As each character shows up to the birthday party, we feel an emotional (and sometimes physical) charge as they interact with one another. It doesn’t hurt that the acting talent involved is also incredibly strong.