Reviews: Swallow (2020)

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  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: Bennett… is the real deal as a woman imprisoned by her own truth until she sets herself free, happier flown her gilded cage, and Mirabella-Davis’s female body control thriller marks him one to watch.
  • [New] | James Jay Edwards @ The Big Smoke America
  • Candice Frederick @ The Wrap
  • MaryAnn Johanson @
    • Excerpt: Half a century ago, this would have been radical. Today, it’s banal. The slick postwar aesthetic is emblematic of a male filmmaker’s understanding of women that exists only through dated stereotypes.
  • Mike McGranaghan @ The Aisle Seat
    • Excerpt: With Haley Bennett’s outstanding work at the center, the film is a true stunner.
  • Jared Mobarak @ The Film Stage
    • Excerpt: [Bennett] perfectly embodies the zombie-like motions that result from existing in this purgatorial limbo [and] the naked suffering underneath.
  • Frank Ochieng @ Flick Feast
    • Excerpt: Swallow certainly echoes the intricate tendencies of a feminine lost soul left to her hidden mental devices. Absorbing, contemplative and probing…low-key but potent in its dramatic portrait
  • Josh Taylor @
    • Excerpt: Carlo Mirabella-Davis has style to burn and he puts that to effective use throughout Swallow. The production design, look, and feel of his movie are vivid and impeccable. It’s the inconsistent tone and poor character development that lets Swallow down.