Reviews: Monster Hunter (2020)

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  • [New] | M Enois Duarte @
    • Excerpt: There is only one proper way for watching a Paul W.S. Anderson movie, and that is to set all expectations aside and simply enjoy the mindless, popcorn silliness. Based on the video game series of the same name, Monster Hunter not only demonstrates he has made a career at B-quality escapism, but that he is also decently good at churning out surprisingly entertaining shlock, especially when framing action vehicles for Milla Jovovich.
  • Mike McGranaghan @ The Aisle Seat
    • Excerpt: A ton of fun from start to finish, it hits the right balance of hard-core action and tongue-in-cheek humor.
  • Sebastian Zavala @ MasGamers [Spanish]
    • Excerpt: Loud, hyperactive, almost incoherent, and with little to do with the games it’s supposedly inspired by.