Classics & More on DVD (Oct. 13, 2020)

Here are our latest reviews of films on DVD.

Pre-2018 Film Reviews

Big Time

Dennis Schwartz @ Dennis Schwartz Reviews (1988)

  • Excerpt: I’m a big time fan of Waits.

Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection: Volume 1

M Enois Duarte @ High-Def (2020)

  • Excerpt: Just shy of celebrating the studio’s 100th Anniversary, Sony Pictures’ Columbia Classics Volume 1 begins the commemorations by bringing together a collection of some of the best films in cinema history — Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Strangelove, Gandhi — while offering up a couple of recent favorites voted into the set by fans A League of Their Own and Jerry Maguire.


Bavner Donaldo @ Cinejour (2005) [Indonesian]

The Elephant Man

M Enois Duarte @ High-Def (1980)

  • Excerpt: Following the unfortunate life of John Merrick, played by an exceptional John Hurt, David Lynch’s The Elephant Man remains an emotionally impactful tale of the human condition and remains the filmmaker’s most accessible feature.

Pitch Black

M Enois Duarte @ High-Def (2000)

  • Excerpt: David Twohy’s sci-fi horror actioner Pitch Black is good brainless B-movie fun featuring Vin Diesel’s breakthrough performance as the brooding, anti-hero criminal Riddick.

Shutter Island

M Enois Duarte @ High-Def (2010)

  • Excerpt: In Martin Scorsese’s masterful neo-noir crime thriller Shutter Island, a missing person’s case inside a creepy psychiatric facility compels Leonardo DiCaprio’s detective to investigate deeper into questions about reality, sanity and seeing the humanity in criminal offenders.

Summer Rains

Bavner Donaldo @ Cinejour (1975) [Indonesian]

Tender Mercies

M Enois Duarte @ High-Def (1983)

  • Excerpt: From Horton Foote, Bruce Beresford’s Tender Mercies is a meditative character study that still delivers an emotional impact and features an Oscar-winning performance by Robert Duvall.


Wesley Lovell @ Cinema Sight (2015)

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