Classics & More on DVD (Mar. 3, 2020)

Here are our latest reviews of films on DVD.

Pre-2018 Film Reviews

Robot Monster

Roderick Heath @ This Island Rod (1953)

  • Excerpt: The Ro-Man himself (and his identical commander), with his emphatic gesturing and halting, sonorous cadence, his hulking, shaggy body and bulbous, shining helmet with a blank and featureless face suggested within, is a wonderful creation both despite and because of his tackiness.

The Travelling Players

Roderick Heath @ Film Freedonia (1975)

  • Excerpt: The build-up to the killing of Clytemnestra and Aegisthos is one of the great movie sequences, as Angelopoulos precedes Electra and her summoned assassins through the streets with an epic tracking shot, a noirish scene where light and dark are at war and the aim not entirely clear until the climax is reached.

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