Classics & More on DVD (Mar. 24, 2020)

Here are our latest reviews of films on DVD.

Pre-2018 Film Reviews


Dennis Schwartz @ Dennis Schwartz Reviews (1978)

  • Excerpt: You can almost smell the garbage in the street!

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Josh Taylor @ (1939)

  • Excerpt: What works in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is mostly due to the performers, not the material with which they are working. They were able to melt this icy cold heart just a little, which is one of the reasons I’m so enamored of the movies in the first place.


Gregory J. Smalley @ 366 Weird Movies (2009)

  • Excerpt: … this is a movie that doesn’t simply posit the existence of cybernetic butt-swords; it explicitly demonstrates how awkward a duel would be when the contestants have to crane their necks over their shoulders and backpedal into each to parry and thrust (while muttering, “how embarrassing”).

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