Classics & More on DVD (Jun. 9, 2020)

Here are our latest reviews of films on DVD.

Pre-2018 Film Reviews


Paulo Portugal @ (1958) [Portuguese]

All Quiet on the Western Front

Emanuel Levy @ OFCS (1930)

  • Excerpt: Lewis Milestone’s Best Picture Oscar winner of 1930 was a powerful anti-war epic film

The Broadway Melody

Emanuel Levy @ OFCS (1928)

  • Excerpt: The second Best Picture Oscar winner was MGM’s very first musical

The Captive Heart

Sarah Boslaugh @ TheArtsSTL (1946)

  • Excerpt: War melodramas offer a reliable set of pleasures, seeking as they do to reassure the audience that, despite terrible suffering endured with noble stoicism, the world is really a benign place and all will soon be set to rights. The Captive Heart hits all the expected beats and is enlivened by expert direction and a reliable cast of actors.

Duet for Cannibals

Sarah Boslaugh @ TheArtsSTL (1969)

  • Excerpt: It’s exactly the kind of film Jenny, Cary Milligan’s character in An Education, would have been attracted to, because it is so foreign and European and (apparently) sophisticated, and thus so exactly not like the life of a schoolgirl in a London suburb. So, If your inner adolescent includes a strain of cool-kid precocious Bohemianism, Duet for Cannibals may be just the thing to give you a break from your own four walls during this long pandemic lockdown.


Paulo Portugal @ (1959) [Portuguese]


Sarah Boslaugh @ TheArtsSTL (1992)

  • Excerpt: Mambéty has spoken of his film as portraying the corrupting influence of Western influence and money on African countries, but there’s more than one way to interpret the story. The unquestioning sexism of the male characters is also satirized, although they break ranks soon enough when there’s serious money on the table.


Paulo Portugal @ (1960) [Portuguese]

Victim: Seminal British Film

Emanuel Levy @ OFCS (1961)

  • Excerpt: Victim is a landmark British film about homosexuality, starring Dirk Bogarde in a breakthrough performance. Must-See LGBTQ film.


Emanuel Levy @ OFCS (1927)

  • Excerpt: Directed by Wellman, Wings is the very first Best Picture Oscar winner (and the only silent film to win the kudo. Though Cooper is playing a small role, the movie helped catapult him to stardom.

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