Tim Brayton

Antagony & Ecstasy
The Film Experience

Madison, WI, United States

Tim started writing movie reviews in 2005 mostly as a way to pass slow work days. A decade and change later, it’s an all-consuming passion, as he’s devoted constant hours to exploring everything from classic American animation to European horror at his blog. When he’s not writing about movies, Tim can be found… writing about movies, but this time in the guise of a PhD student at UW-Madison.

Favorite Films: Casablanca

Favorite Actors: Marlene Dietrich

Favorite Directors: John Ford

Favorite Writers: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Favorite Techs: Michel Legrand, James Wong Howe,

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One thought on “Tim Brayton

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I was so thoroughly pleased and moved by your review of The Last Unicorn. I can definitely say that the film has remained the star favorite of mine, even since the age of five years old. The way you spoke about the film’s triumph of depicting fantasy and how through fantasy we can really experience humanity’s fragility is truly remarkable. I will definitely be showing this review to all I know who will value it in the same light. Thank you.

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