Reviews: Wrong (2013)

wrongReviews for this film from our members:

  • David Bax @ Battleship Pretension
    • Excerpt: It’s a cheap, primitive and ephemeral kind of fun. If Dupieux actually had something to say other than recycled comments on white, middle-class ennui, I must have missed it amongst the idiosyncratic noise.
  • Jesse Cataldo @ Slant Magazine
  • Peter Gutierrez @ Firefox News
    • Excerpt: For connoisseurs of the weird, Wrong is probably must-see cinema–but should it be viewed alone or with others…?
  • Danny King @ The King Bulletin
    • Excerpt: The film doesn’t quite come together, and it’s hardly built to last both emotionally and ideologically, but after recently sitting through a film as thoroughly mind-numbing as ‘John Dies at the End,’ there’s something peculiarly refreshing and even pleasant about Dupieux’s brand of absurdism.
  • [New – 5/9] | Jean-François Vandeuren @ [French]


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  1. connie

    A horrendous movie that already knows it will be received negatively.

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