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Jana Monji


Torrance, CA, United States

Jana J. Monji was born and raised in San Diego County, so close to the Mexican border she considers tortillas, tamales and sashimi the taste of home. An artist by temperament, she haunts art museums and doodles whenever possible. She has published two short stories and is married to a mad scientist. Those may be collies racing around their house or they may be out of control mutations from some secret experiment.

Based in Los Angeles and San Diego, Jana J. Monji has written for the L.A. Weekly, the O.C. Weekly and the Los Angeles Times. She currently writes several blogs (e.g. Pasadena Art Beat and AahSoCinema) and contributes to the, the Pasadena Weekly and

Originally, she was a theater critic, but has moved over to movies. She might see more movies if she wasn’t out dancing. She has seen Carlos Saura’s “Tango” frame by frame.

Favorite Films: Tango

Favorite Actors: Cary Grant

Twitter Handle: @JanaMonji
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Updated: October 20, 2015 — 4:15 pm

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