Reviews: Life Itself (2018)

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  • Laura Clifford @ Reeling Reviews
    • Excerpt: Dan Fogelman proves that gimmicks like his all-these-people-are-connected surprise of the ‘This Is Us’ pilot work when they can be expanded upon on TV but not when that’s all he’s got within a theatrical run time.
  • Courtney Howard @
    • Excerpt: Life Itself is this year’s Collateral Beauty
  • [New] | Anne Hoyt @ [Spanish]
  • Dan Lybarger @ Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
    • Excerpt: Imagine going to a museum and being preoccupied with the frames instead of the paintings inside them. That’s roughly the experience of sitting through Life Itself.
  • Jared Mobarak @ The Film Stage
    • Excerpt: Maybe if Fogelman had a season of television to delve into these characters’ connections and inject the vigor of Will’s chaotic mind into the quieter passages that follow, Life Itself could be great. Because it’s so disjointed, however, it shoots itself in the foot by forcing us to assume something that isn’t true.