Reviews: First Man (2018)

Here are review links for this film submitted by our members:

  • [New] | Caio Bogoni @ Cine Grandiose [Portuguese]
    • Excerpt: The bland result of an exaggeratedly reticent narrative.
  • David Crow @ Den of Geek
    • Excerpt: The result is a film that at times can be a little too happy in its own company, and one that is less passionately engrossing than Whiplash or La La Land. Yet it most definitely will engross, carrying you well beyond that first step.
  • [New] | MaryAnn Johanson @
    • Excerpt: Damian Chazelle finds a dreamlike reverie amidst rocket-powered mechanical brawn. As wonderfully, nerve-wrackingly exhausting as it is movingly intimate.
  • Jared Mobarak @
    • Excerpt: Chazelle impressively depicts [Armstrong’s personal] struggle throughout, but he goes above and beyond during the climactic lunar landing. The moment’s hugeness ultimately tore it from [his] hands. Now it’s finally been given back.
  • Pat Mullen @ Cinemablographer
    • Excerpt: Neil Armstrong might have been the first man to walk on the moon, but we’ll all feel like we’ve been there after seeing First Man.
  • Don Shanahan @ Every Movie Has a Lesson
    • Excerpt: Unlike the popular space race films that have come before it, not a millisecond of First Man feels like typical hero worship celebrating astronaut and aeronautical engineer Neil Armstrong. What is not trumpeted as heaps of grandiose praise by Academy Award-winning La La Land director Damien Chazelle is instead honed into a poignant and resolute testament of honor.