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Wesley Lovell

Cinema Sight

The Oscar Guy

Springfield, MO, United States

Wesley has been writing about the Oscars and film since his website debuted in 1996 on GeoCities. He moved to and eventually to his current home at The Oscar Guy as it was known in the beginning, was one of the first Academy Awards-themed websites and remains the oldest such site on the internet. The Oscar Guy site also debuted the first Academy Awards discussion forum, the Unofficial Academy Awards Discussion Board (UAADB), which is still operating today.

Wesley graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Communications/Mass Media with an emphasis in film studies. His day job involves working in the insurance industry, but considers film studies, film criticism and Oscar prognostication to be his true profession and passion.

Wesley joined the OFCS in 1997, the organization’s first year in existence. He has served on the OFCS Governing Committee since 2010.

Favorite Films: Sunrise, Citizen Kane, A Clockwork Orange, more to come…

Favorite Actors: Kathy Bates, Shelley Winters, Julianne Moore, Angela Lansbury, more to come…

Favorite Directors: Stanley Kubrick, Billy Wilder, Orson Welles, Paul Thomas Anderson, more to come…

Favorite Writers: Billy Wilder, more to come…

Favorite Techs: more to come…

GALECA, Film Independent, AFI

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