Luiz Carlos Gomes Santiago

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSPlano Crítico MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONSao Paulo, 0, Brazil ABOUT LUIZ CARLOS GOMES SANTIAGOI’ve been a film critic since 2006. Watching movies and writing about is one of my many passions. In 2013 I created, along with my friend Ritter Fan, the Plano Crítico and I made this passion a project that today is among the biggest and most respected critic sites in Brazil. ADDITIONAL LINKS & SOCIAL MEDIATwitter Page (Twitter Handle: @planocritico)Facebook: Plano CríticoInstagram Page

Michael Barrett

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSPopMattersPopMatters MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONUniversal City, TX, United States ABOUT MICHAEL BARRETTI live near San Antonio, TX and work for the San Antonio Public Library. For more than 20 years I wrote a classic/foreign video column in the San Antonio Express News and for several years contributed to Video Watchdog magazine. Since 2007 I contribute to PopMatters, an online magazine.

Federico Furzan

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSCinelipsisEl Otro Cine MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONBuenos Aires, 0, Argentina ABOUT FEDERICO FURZANFederico currently works and lives in Argentina, after having left his home country Venezuela. He’s the founder of movie blog Cinelipsis, where he regularly posts movie reviews and articles. When he’s not writing about movies, he’s watching them. ADDITIONAL LINKS & SOCIAL MEDIATwitter Page (Twitter Handle: @federicofurzan)Instagram Page

Karl Delossantos

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSSmash Cut Reviews MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONBridgewater, NJ, United States ABOUT KARL DELOSSANTOSEven though I’ve loved film all my life, it wasn’t until 2013 when I started the website Smash Cut Reviews that I was able to truly express my adoration. I believe that diversity and inclusion in film and film criticism is essential and I’m thrilled to lend my voice to the community. While I love any kind of film, I have a particular passion for high-concept science fiction and 70s and 80s horror. However, any film that is a “powerful empathy machine,” as Roger Ebert puts it, is […]

Don Shanahan

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSEvery Movie Has a LessonMediumFeelin’ Film MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONForest Park, IL, United States ABOUT DON SHANAHANDon Shanahan is the creator/founder/blogger of Every Movie Has a Lesson. Don is a middle school teacher who is a regular credentialed member of the Chicago press pool of film critics. With his background in education, Don writes with the goal of teaching life lessons, from the serious to the farcical, found within every film. On the Feelin’ Film Podcast, he contributes “What We Learned This Week,” a weekly blog putting life lessons to current releases and movie trends and occasionally guests on podcasts. […]

Caio Bogoni

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSCine Grandiose MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONCuritiba, 0, Brazil ABOUT CAIO BOGONICaio Bogoni was born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil, where he has lived ever since. Graduated in Psychology, Caio also started focusing on cinema studies in 2014, year that he started Cine Grandiose, his website. Cinema is the main subject matter, both modern and classic, with the occasional television article showing up once in a while. From the roaring twenties to the super hero fad, from Murnau to Nolan, everything is valid. ADDITIONAL LINKS & SOCIAL MEDIATwitter Page (Twitter Handle: @CineGrandiose)Facebook: Cine Grandiose

C.H. Newell

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSFather Son Holy GoreScriptophobicFilm Inquiry MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONSt. John’s, NL, Canada ABOUT C.H. NEWELLC.H. Newell is an author and editor living in St. John’s, Newfoundland on the East Coast of Canada. His short stories have been published in both Canada and the US. He wrote the screenplay for a short period horror film called New Woman shot during early 2018. ADDITIONAL LINKS & SOCIAL MEDIATomatometer ProfileTwitter Page (Twitter Handle: @fathergore)Facebook: Father Son Holy GoreInstagram Page

Ali Fuat Kisakurek

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSAFK SinemadaEksi Sinema MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONIstanbul, 0, Turkey ABOUT ALI FUAT KISAKUREKAspiring author, film critic, overqualified daydreamer, holds MA in Comparative Literature & MSc in Genetics. Believes writing reviews for films is a way of owning them. Proud editor/owner/everything of AFK Sinemada, a personal cinema blog of awards season coverage and film reviews in Turkish. ADDITIONAL LINKS & SOCIAL MEDIATwitter Page (Twitter Handle: @afksinemada)

Andrew Emerson

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSThe FilmWatcherThird Coast Review MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONChicago, IL, United States ABOUT ANDREW EMERSONAndrew Emerson is a University of Chicago student, an incorrigible bookworm, and a religious consumer of political news sites. He currently contributes reviews to The FilmWatcher ( and Third Coast Review ( OTHER PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONSCIFCC (Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle)

Alex Brannan

MEDIA AFFILIATIONSCineFiles Movie ReviewsFilm International MEMBER SINCE2018 LOCATIONMadison, WI, United States ABOUT ALEX BRANNANAlex Brannan is a freelance writer and critic. He is a book and film critic for Film International. His reviews can be found at CineFiles Reviews. ADDITIONAL LINKS & SOCIAL MEDIATwitter Page (Twitter Handle: @TheAlexBrannan)Facebook: Cine Files