Paul Mavis

DVD Drive-In

Maumee, OH, United States

Paul Mavis was a staff reviewer for DVDTalk for nine years, where he wrote over 1700 movie and TV reviews. He now writes for DVD Drive-In. He is the author of The Espionage Filmography (McFarland, 2001), a reference text that is found in libraries and universities around the world. He has written for numerous publications, including American Movie Classics Magazine. Prior to this, he was the film curator for The Toledo Museum of Art. He holds a degree in film and television history and theory.

2 thoughts on “Paul Mavis

  1. Paul I’m trying to buy the Stranger Trilogy/Tony Anthony can you help me!!!!!!!You may have reviewed my movie “Stop Making Sense” It about my band the Talking Heads!!!!!

  2. Dear Paul Mavis-–

    Just saw LISA and found your review a fine one. I would suggest that the journeys by water–barge and boats–set up a slower and more reflective tempo than the opening railway sequence promises.

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