Men in Black III


Men in Black III

Postby Jerry » Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:40 am

I gave Men in Black III a generously positive review last week, but yesterday I was having a conversation with someone about why some movies last and some do not. The movies that last are the ones the really reach out to us an shake us up. I think The Tree of Life will become a movie like that, as will many of the Pixar films. MIB3, as fun as it was, will be forgotten once its DVD sales start to decline. In years to come, this will not be a movie that people will seek. In fact, I think they will seek out the first one because that idea was so ingenious.

Looking over the charts of the movies that come out every week, it is distressing how many movies are made for the moment. They are not made as art, but as instant commerce. Martin Scorsese had a great quote: "This is the only industry where something makes 160 million dollars and people get upset!"

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